Manu Tres Cruces – Sunrise

Manu Tres Cruces – Sunrise

Tres Cruces lookout. At the southern end of the Manu National Park, it has one of the most spectacular views of the Andes, and the sunrise on the Peruvian Amazonian horizon.

The National Park of Manu (PNM) was established with the purpose of protecting a space that contains representative samples of ecosystems of the Andes, jungle and low jungle. This begins in the mountains of the Paucartambo mountain range and ends in the Amazonian plain, comprising diverse life zones, which originate a world-renowned biological and cultural diversity, the latter represented by the indigenous populations that have
inhabited since time immemorial and its manifestations.


The Manu National Park is located on the western edge of the Amazon basin, at the point where it reaches the eastern sector of the Andes Mountains of the neotropical region of the planet.

Geopolitically, the manu national park is located in:

Madre de DiosManuFitzcarrald

The extension of the manu national park, according to the norm of its creation, is 1,532,806 hectares (15,328 km2), distributed in the following proportion:

  • Madre de Dios: 1,423,626 equivalent to 92.88%
  • Cusco: 109,180 hectares equivalent to 7.12%

In this document, this surface was updated and refined thanks to the availability of current cartography and more precise instruments, such as the use of a Geographical Information System. According to this, the surface of the Manu National Park is 1 507 773.00 hectares.

The current limits in the land of the Manu National Park are mostly coincident with the Descriptive Report prepared for its establishment (Annex Nº 1), because some points were established by geographic coordinates, existing landmarks and / or points in the terrain, which however, show certain discrepancies when using modern cartography, reason that gives rise to the difference with the initial extension.

Adjacent to the National Park is the Manu Reserved Zone, which since its creation in 1980, has been managed with the same criteria and policies of the park, and in that time, several studies have been carried out. they base their incorporation to the PNM, reason for which at present a procedure exists before the General Direction of Areas
Natural Protected of the INRENA, elaborated by the Administration of the park, fact that will imply a rethinking of the legal base and a redefinition of its limits.

What does The Reserve of the Manu National Park mean?

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