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Manu Explorer – Ayahuasca is an ancestral medicinal master plant, used since time immemorial in different Amazon pre-Hispanic tribes in Peru Amazon, as an intermediary in a connection between the world of the earth and the spirit world to find the path of healing The name Ayahuasca is composed of two Quechua words that are “aya = muerte y huasca = rope”, literally means rope of the dead and can be interpreted as “rope of the spirits”. The Ayahuasca, which has different names, for the Wachipaire tribe is the Wañanerí and for the Matchiguenka tribe it is the Tosorintsí and Camagaremi in manu explorer.

The proper use of this plant allows contact with the spirit of the elements and learn about the enigmas of life and the correct ways of conducting them, that is why it is a master plant of manu explorers. The ceremony lasts five to ten hours, is conducted by a spiritual guide or Shaman. During the ceremony the Ayahuasca transports us to the deepest part of our spiritual being, awakens our senses, we are conscious, it connects us with our universe, with our interior, a universe that we do not see by the social and modern way of life that we have been tax; With this sacred plant we are able to find the spiritual cure we need, the path for which we came to this world.

Manu Explorer – Ayahuasca is a traditional indigenous drink of the Amazonian and Andean peoples of the tropical and subtropical areas of South America like Peru amazon. The drink is a decoction with a long history of entheogenic use formed by the mixture between the Banisteriopsis caapi (yagé or ayahuasca), which contains harmine and tetrahydroharmine (THH), alkaloids of the beta-carboline class, which act as inhibitors of the monoamine oxidase (MAOI) and allowing the primary psychoactive component dimethyltriptamine (DMT) to enter activity; and a second plant that is the one that has the DMT itself, especially the Psychotria viridis, also known as chacruna; the Diplopterys cabrerana, known as chagropanga or chaliponga (in the case of the preparation known as yagé); Brunfelsia splendida; and the Banisteriopsis rubyana.


The sacred plant connects our soul and liberates our spirit, cleanses our mind leaving it free so that by itself it can heal any disease, illness and grief that is inside us, opens our heart to the love of the universe that surrounds us, makes us disappear from our mind thoughts and negative imagination, leaving it free to give way to divine consciousness and love. Ayahuasca helps people who have a strong trauma, a big problem or discomfort, a strong energy or spirit or addiction to any type of drug. Also to people who have diseases, such as cancer, skin diseases and chronic diseases, etc. These natural therapies last from 3 to 12 months, everything depends on the degree of addiction or illness that the patient has. Ayahuasca also helps you find your way and transform your life positively.


It is recommended to make a diet of one, two or three days, people with cancer should make a diet of seven days before the ceremony, the diet consists of natural foods such as fruits and vegetables (at least one day), while more days of diet, your body will be in a better condition to receive this sacred medicine. You do not have to consume salt, sugar, medicines, meat of any kind, fried foods, sodas, cigarettes, alcohol, sweets, anything artificial, and you can not have sex, you should rest early. After the ceremony it is recommended to continue with the diet, minimum for one or two days. It is recommended to perform three continuous ceremonies to obtain a good purification.

In case of a serious illness such as cancer, diabetes, alcoholism or drug addiction, six to more days are recommended. The first ceremony is initiation, the second is purification and the third is illumination.

In the first ceremony you can feel how it connects with your spirit, it starts with the original form, making an offering to the Pachamama, to open our spirit towards Mother Nature and follow a path of spiritual change and purification with this ancestral plant.
In the second ceremony, his purification will be more complete, through a greater connection with mother nature, reaching higher levels of consciousness.
In the third ceremony you will be completely purified, finding the answers to all your questions. (In extraordinary cases, more ceremonies may be needed for complete purification).

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