Manu Culture Zone – Nature Tours

Manu Culture Zone – Nature Tours

The cultural heritage is extremely fragile and is exposed to a series of dangers. It can be affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, rains or avalanches; for climatic factors such as humidity and temperature variations; by
the action of pests and pests such as insects, rodents, fungi and lichens; and by human action, which includes from  carelessness and negligence in the administration or care of a good, until theft and huaqueo. If we damage or destroy an object or construction that was created hundreds of years ago, we can no longer recover them. We can try to repair the damage through the restoration, for example, but the object will never be the same. That’s why we say that heritage cultural is a non-renewable resource. We must bear in mind that each of the assets that make up our heritage (painting, dance, ceramics, documents, constructions) has a cultural value in itself, in addition to the possible material value. This value is defined by the amount of information that gives us said good about the people who created it.

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