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Join us on this extraordinary Peruvian adventure as we visit Cusco, explore a cloud forest and experience the dynamics of the rain forest – Manu National Park. Our adventure will start in Cusco, and then move on to Manu National Park with its cloud forest, salt licks, wildlife and pristine rainforest. We’ll fly home from Puerto Maldonado – Madre de Dios. Manu National Park protects grasslands, mountainous cloud forests, and tropical lowland rain forests in amazon of peru.

It’s one of earth’s most biodiverse places. Its natural riches include more than a thousand species of birds and nearly 290 species of reptiles and amphibians. The park is a sumptuous, extravagant, overwhelming landscape. The region Manu Wildlife is traversed with tapirs, 14 species of primates and crowned by flights of scarlet macaws. Butterflies are everywhere; scarlet knights, giant blue morphos and tiny transparent glasswings – amazon of peru.

This trips Amazon Peru has several major wildlife attractions; the Macaw salt lick and the world’s only know Tapir lick where in the comfort of mattresses and mosquito nets we may watch the largest of all South American land mammals visit a mineral lick. Plus we’ll visit Oxbow Lakes with floating catamarans for observing giant otters and other lake side wildlife. Two walk up canopy towers will get us up into the rainforest canopy for more wildlife observation and amazon wildlife in amazon of peru.

We will have daily walks through the cloud and amazon of peru, and rain forest areas as well as the opportunity to hike up the mountain behind the Amazonia Lodge where we will be spending two o five nights.

We’ll have three nights at the Manu Wildlife Center and two full days to explore the forest, lakes and trails around lodge. There are 30 kilometers of trails to hike by manu national park – manu wildlife!

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Destinos Peru Cusco Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Tambopata, Parque Nacional del Manu, Lago Sandoval, Albergues

The guide Amazon Peru We have not tried to produce a guide to all of the amphibians of Peru (as there are over 600 species), or even all of the amphibians on the Manu Biosphere Reserve (as there are over 160 species). What we have done is to provide an introduction to 111 species encountered…

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MANU NATIONAL PARK PERU Join us on this extraordinary Peruvian adventure as we visit Cusco, explore a cloud forest and experience the dynamics of the rain forest. Our adventure will start in Cusco, and then move on to Manu National Park with its cloud forest, salt licks, wildlife and pristine rain forest. We’ll fly home…

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AMPHIBIANS IN THE MANU NATIONAL PARK CENTRE and other areas in the Manu Region The Manu Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site designated to protect the globally important Amazon rainforest in and around Manu National Park, southeastern Peru. The Manu Biosphere Reserve consists of a network of core protected areas surrounded by areas…

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Manu Tours Peru – ManuParkLodge  – Travel Agency Congratulations, you’ve been welcomed on board for the trip of a lifetime and it is sure to be one you’ll always remember (just like your first love)! We know you’re ready for manu tours to peru, but we wanted to share this Program Package of Awesomeness with…

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MOUNTAINS OF MANU, PERU We include here information for those interested in the Field Guides Mountains of Manu, Peru tour: !a general introduction to the tour ! a description of the birding areas to be visited on the tour ! an abbreviated daily itinerary with some indication of the nature of each dayʼs birding outings…

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Amazon Region of Peru – Manu Pärk Lodge According to sociocultural studies carried out by the IIAP for the SEZ process, in the Amazon region of Peru (IIAP, 2004) four types of predominant populations with different sociocultural patterns can be distinguished in the Peruvian jungle: the indigenous Amazonian population, the regional mestizo population, the migrant…

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The Peruvian Amazon – Manu National Park AMAZON BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY: Biological diversity or biodiversity is the variability of living organisms from any source including all terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems, the diversity of species, of genes, and all the ecological complexes of which they are a part in the Manu National Park. (Convention on…

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Manu Park – Petroglyphs of Pusharo Pusharo, 60 square meters of petroglyphs, in a single set of engravings located in the middle basin of the Palotoa River, district and province of Manu, Madre de Dios. According to some Machiguengas, the name would come from the term “pushari”, which means “sweet” in reference to the good…

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Matsigenka hunters of Manu National Park Conservation Implications of Primate Hunting Practices Among the Matsigenka of Manu National Park Introduction Manu Park: Much ink has been spilled recently in the debate over whether indigenous people are “ecologically noble savages”—natural-born conservationists—or whether they pose a threat to biodiversity in the Amazon and other ecosystems (Redford, 1991;…

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THE MACHIGUENGAS LEARN TO READ The man they called cruel was the foreman of a boss. He lived in our area: that’s how he managed to capture my father. He was a bad man who kidnapped people. He was going to hunt them and bring them to the skipper at gunpoint. When capturing them. I…

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