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Just six hours travel by road from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado, and one hour from the Patria airstrip where light aircraft make the twenty-five minute flight to the Inca capital Cuzco, the Manu Park Lodge is nestled in the cloud forest between the Kosñipata and San Pedro rivers, with magnificent views of the endlessly varied green tones of the surrounding forest and manu national park reserved.

Manu National Park: 280 km from the city of Cusco along the Cusco-Paucartambo Highway (12 hours by 4×4 truck) you arrive to the town of Atalaya, continue by river to the town of Boca Manu (7 hours by boat) . Then you enter again by the Madre de Dios river until you reach the manu national park. It is also possible to get to the town of Boca Manu by small plane from the city of Cusco (45 minutes).

The Manu National Park covers the regions of Cusco and Madre de Dios and has an area of ​​1’692,137 hectares (the entire river basin Manu). Since 1977, the Manu National Park has been the Core Zone of the Manu Biosphere Reserve, which was declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. Although entry  is not allowed, visitors can access several authorized shelters in the Area. Reserved and the Cultural Zone adjacent to the manu national park.

The manu national park has a great diversity of animal species; more than 800 species of birds such as the harpy eagle, the jabiru, the jungle goose, the cock of the rocks and the pink spatula; 200 species of mammals such as the common woolly monkey, the black maquisapa, the river wolf, the jaguar, the tigrillo, the spectacled bear and the taruca; and more than 100 species of bats.

You can also see trees with more than 45 meters high and 3 meters diameter in the manu. The most characteristic species are the cetico, the topa, the cedar, the screw, the white lupuna and the mata palo. Currently, 30 rural communities live in the Manu National Park Quechua speakers, as well as numerous Amazonian native populations such as the matsiguenka, amahuaca, yaminahua, piro, amarakaeri, huashipaire and nahua.

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Manu Explorer – Ayahuasca is an ancestral medicinal master plant, used since time immemorial in different Amazon pre-Hispanic tribes in Peru Amazon, as an intermediary in a connection between the world of the earth and the spirit world to find the path of healing The name Ayahuasca is composed of two Quechua words that are…

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Photography in the Manu National Park “Passion for Research in the Peruvian Amazon” The National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State – SERNANP, has as one of its priorities to promote the development of scientific research within the Natural Protected Areas-ANP, representing an important opportunity for students and professionals of local, regional academic…

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Manu Tres Cruces – Sunrise Tres Cruces lookout. At the southern end of the Manu National Park, it has one of the most spectacular views of the Andes, and the sunrise on the Peruvian Amazonian horizon. The National Park of Manu (PNM) was established with the purpose of protecting a space that contains representative samples…

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Manu Park Volunteer in Peru One of the pillars in the management of volunteer and conservation programs is the work in environmental education in the reserve of the Manu National Park. Through this work, the project comes to life, transferring values, attitudes and knowledge related to the conservation of natural and vital spaces for the…

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MANU BIRDING IN PERU WITH MANU PARK LODGE A TRIP REPORT FOR BIRDING EXPEDITION INCLUDING CUSCO, MACHUPICCHU, TAMBOPATA, SANDOVAL LAKE AND THE MANU NATIONAL PARK. The Manu Biosphere Reserve has the highest diversity of life on Earth and is one of the most important conservation units in the world. If you were to choose one…

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